Why McClain's Minds of Music:

As a young aspiring student of music, I noticed that many of my teacher's throughout the years had trouble giving a strait answer to many of the questions I had been asking. Many of these questions would not be answered until I made it to college and started to formally study music despite the many well played teachers I had gone through. I assumed this was due to the fact that the very abstract thought process of many of the concepts of music simply made it hard to put into understandable words. I later found out that this was not true at all. The independent teachers that I had been directing my questions to simply did not know the answers, or a coherent and correct way to explain.

"There is a wrong and right way to practice music, especially the performance of music. Knowing how to practice will save a student literally years of time in achieving optimal know how and progression within the learning of music. This more often than not will determine a students ability to follow through with sticking to music throughout his/her life."

What separates Mr. McClain from Most teachers is the fact that he is a Music Composition Major. The most common studies of music among those whom pursue a music degree is that of a music Ed and music performances degree. These studies offer a limited study of music. A music composition Major study all that a music Ed or Performance major would study, in addition to much more theory, technique, styles, and abstract musical concepts. Music composition offers an overall and all-inclusive study of music of which can be the most beneficial to even the most general music students.