Studio Policy

"All enrollment policies are designed to ensure the value and flexibility the guitar and piano lessons."


  1. The first lesson is provided before purchase.
  2. The lesson is conducted at the teacher's studio or online video chat. The option to schedule a house call is available with continued enrollment.
  3. Registration requires no payment information and holds no obligation to continue. The Lesson serves as an introduction to the teacher and allows him to develop an effective approach, based on your musical goals and experience. For beginners, the trial lesson is a great chance to get a head start in preparation for the first lesson, should you decide to continue on a pay as you go or discounted prepaid basis.


  1. Pay as you go music lessons require payment at the time of scheduling.
  2. Availability is subject to current student student schedules.
  3. The teacher asks for a 2hr notification, prior to the scheduled lesson, to reschedule. 
  4. No refunds will be issued for pay as you go music lessons.


  1. The first prepayment includes an additional month to qualify the first weeks of lessons for the appropriate discounted rates and begin a prepaid cycle.
  2. Each following prepayment will be due on the first of each month to continue the prepaid cycle.
  3. Since each lesson period is prepaid, no payment is required for the last lesson period of enrollment.
  4. Since each lesson period is prepaid, there are no late fees for tardy prepayments. Missed prepayments indicate plans to discontinue enrollment and your current prepaid lesson schedule will continue, as scheduled.
  5. Missed prepayments require prepayment of 2 lesson periods to qualify for the prepaid discounted rates. 


  1. Missed, canceled, and rescheduled lessons are marked as "Make-up Lessons".
  2. Make-up Lessons are scheduled in addition to the normal weekly lesson schedule, within any current or future prepaid lesson period of equal or greater value.
  3. Scheduling Make-up Lessons are subject to the teacher's current class schedule, at the time of request.
  4. Make-up lessons may not be substituted for the normal weekly lesson schedule. 


  1. Invoices are issued on the 15th of each month to allow ample time to make prepayment.
  2. A duplicate, reminder invoice is also sent on the 28th. 
  3. Prepayments are due on the 1st of each month, prior to the beginning of each outlined lesson period.


  1. Online payments are available by clicking the payment link contained in each invoice. There is an on line payment in venientes fee that is equal to, and charged separate from, that of pay pal's transaction fees at the time the payment is made. This fee is added to each following invoice to avoid unnecessarily increasing the fee, since PayPal bases this fee on the total amount of payment made.
  2. Mailing a check to 10640 S 83rd Ave. Palos Hills, IL. 60465 7-10 days prior to the due date presented on the invoice. 
  3. Drop off a "cash only" payment in person by scheduling a time to visit McMusic Lessons Studio located at 10640 S 83rd Ave. Palos Hills, IL. 60465