piano lessonsBeginning piano lessons are provided for children and adults of any age. Students learn to read music and develop the practice routines to begin building a rock solid foundation in music theory and technique. Piano lessons in Palos Hills, Illinois are available to all south Chicagoland locations. Meet with the piano teacher at home, come to his studio, or video chat from any location. Learn the practice routines, strategies, and techniques that saves time and frustration.

Piano studies focus on various styles of Interest. Students learn to play favorite songs while building a strong foundation in theory and developing technique. Studies include scales, rhythms, counting, form, are training, interval recognition, reading, chords, development, awareness of common chord progressions, basic compositional techniques and song quoting skills.

The piano teacher works with students out of a lesson book of appropriate age and skill level. It is strongly recommended that all students actively practice reading skills, but the teacher can work strictly pattern recognition and muscle memory training.

Beginning piano lessons focus on orientation of the instrument, basic theoretical concepts, and general playing techniques.

 Lesson Material Covered

Musical Alphabet, Piano Keys, Tonal Orientation, Right and Left Hand Positions, Fingering Technique, Rhythm, Counting, Basic Musical Intervals (Whole Steps & Half Steps), The Chromatic Musical Alphabet and Scale, The Major Scale, Intervals of the Major Scale, Scale Degrees, Interval Qualities, Elements of the music staff, Notation, Rerading, Keys, Key Signatures, The Circle of Fifths, Chords, Triads, Chord Inversions, Relativety and Determining Chord Quality, Easy Chord Building, Major Scale Triads, Common Chord Progressions, Dominant and Tonic Chords, Super Tonic Chords,  7th Chords, 9th Chords, 11th Chords, 13th Chords, Chords, Time Signatures, Accompaniment, Improvisation and more.

For those who may be interested in learning to read music, Elements of the music staff and rhythm reading will be introduced within the first lesson as well. The next lesson moving onto right and left hand exercises that work on finger dexterity, agility, and coordination. Next, students are introduced to the Major Scale Interval Pattern and more specific musical intervals of the major scale. Practicing scales will become a big part of day to day practice and exercise. The scales will then be used to understand Musical Chord Building, interval quality and recognition. . At this point, students undergo some elementary ear training exercises identifying direction of tone, interval distance, rhythm dictation and reading. Through theory and practice students develop focus and physical coordination and technique in playing. Students demonstrate progress by performing and mastering basic techniques, exercises and songs that are designed around each individual students interests, ability, strengths, needs, and weaknesses.