This website is the student registration and login website for students of McMusic Lessons & Performances by composer, musician, and music teacher Kevin M McClain.
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McMusic Lessons Mission Statement 

Mr. McClain strives to inspire a deeper understanding of music, performance, and learning by teaching his students how to implement an analytical approach to learning, improvising, technique and practice. In doing so, Mr. McClain dose not only teach music but also how to practice. Kevin dose not simply teach by example and repetition. He teaches the mechanics and intricacies of music that allow students to develop the tools of creativity and critical thinking that are used to manipulate music and inspire style and originality within playing and performance. Mr. McClain teaches expression and depth within a student's own playing, and most importantly, how to recognize and identify simple and complex obstacles, strengths and weaknesses that greatly accelerates the progression in learning one's instrument. Kevin prepares students to eventually and effectively teach his/her self.