Guitar & Piano Lessons

Guitar and Piano Lessons in Palos Hills, IL. are available to all of the South Chicago land area.
Piano Lessons for childrenGuitar Lessons at McMusic Lessons & Performances

Take music lessons at home, in-studio, or online. Pay-as-you-go or prepay for discounted rates.

Music teacher in Palos Hills, Illinois provides music lesson for children and adults with rates based on the amount of time purchased and the location of the lesson. Learn how to read, write, and play music with a strong foundation in music theory and technique on the acoustic guitar, electric guitar, classical guitar, or piano. No matter what style of music you are interested in, the music teacher at McMusic Lessons & Performances can get you or your child started.
Guitar Lessons and Piano Lessons
Costs for guitar or piano instructions are based on the amount of time purchased and the location of the lesson. CLICK HERE to receive a quote or schedule a lesson.

Enrollment Rates & Discounts
​Pay As You Go Enrollment - $30/0.5HR or $55/HR
Monthly Prepaid Enrollment - $27 / 0.5HR or $50/HR
Quarterly Prepaid Enrollment - $25/0.5HR or $45/HR

 House call music lessons include a $10 service charge in addition to $00.79/mi traveled to location calculated from 10640 South 83rd Ave. Palos Hills, IL. 60465


McMusic Lessons & Performances studio in Palos Hills Illinois
The music teacher's studio is located in Palos Hills, Illinois,less than a mile from moraine valley community College.


Home piano lessons
The Music Teacher provides House calls Music Instruction to Palos Hills, IL. and surrounding locations in the South Chicagoland Area. House Calls include a$10 service charge in addition to of $00.79 per mile traveled to location, calculated from 107th St and 83rd Ave in Palos Hills, Illinois


Online Guitar Lessonsonline piano lessons
Video chat with the music teacher from any location using your home computer, laptop, or tablet. The music instructor provides phone support to assist customers with setup. The trial lesson provides a chance to ensure a good connection.
All adult students and parents choose a username and password during registration. This provides access to online student profiles to monitor progress and assist with studies outside out the weekly lesson. Lesson notes containing a complete Review, Progress Report, and a step by step Practice Outline is emailed after each lesson. Students have access to Video Example of Songs and Exercises to review. Additional Video Chat Tutoring is provided, at no additional cost, subject to availability at the time of request. Make Up Sessions are provided for any prepaid sessions that may need to be canceled and rescheduled. Make ups are scheduled as an additional time slot to the normal weekly lesson schedule of any current or future prepaid enrollment, equal or greater in value.